Design WATERBOX 300*150*65 cm Tank for a reef club

2021-11-08 09:00:00

A saltwater club located in Langfang, China invited our designer Leo to design their custom WATERBOX branded saltwater tank. The size of the tank is as big as 300*150*65 cm.


To provide solid support for such big tank, we custom made 8*8 cm Al alloy stand for the tank, and as the club owner required, to keep a clutter-free tank while providing optimal levels of water flow, we designed the Closed Loop system for this tank.



This system is made of 1x Protein Skimmer I-320 Plus, 1x Calcium Reactor CR-200 Plus, 2x Media Reactors R-150, 2x Aquabee 12000 DC pumps, 5x Aquabee 5000 DC pumps and 4x ECOTECH MP60 Wavemakers.



After nearly 56 hours, the tank was finally assembled. The closed-loop tank requires a lot more work and cost to install but, in return, allow for clutter-free and smoother running display tank.


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